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mauvais marie_maternity leaveI still had a lot of plans for this January, but at 37 weeks I can say that my belly is bigger than my ambition, so today I´m announcing that the sewing studio will go on maternity leave until March. The Etsy shop will continue to work, and you may continue to make reservations, but be aware that they will not be processed until March 15. However, you can find the marie mauvais creatures at the amazing Fabrica Features store in Lisbon and soon in Chandal Kids in Barcelona. As you know mauvais marie has only a few months of life, and it was a risky option to start in September knowing that in January I would have to take some time off from shipping orders, but in retrospect I see that these were very good months, because in addition to having achieved practically all the objectives that I had, I was able to see my creations so well received. Being a small business, which only depends on me, I will do my best to continue to give news and prepare the return with a lot of energy and new ideas in 2019. Thanks for your support and patience, you are the best!

Ainda tinha muitos planos para este mês de Janeiro, mas às 37 semanas já posso dizer que a minha barriga está maior do que a minha ambição, por isso hoje venho dizer que o atelier de costura vai entrar em licença de maternidade até Março. A loja no Etsy vai continuar a funcionar, e podem continuar a fazer reservas, tendo em conta que elas não serão processadas até 15 de Março. Entretanto podem encontrar os bonecos da mauvais marie na fantástica loja da Fabrica Features em Lisboa e em breve na Chandal Kids em Barcelona.Como sabem a mauvais marie tem poucos meses de vida, e foi uma opção arriscada começar em Setembro deste ano sabendo que em Janeiro teria que suspender o envio de encomendas, mas em retrospectiva vejo que foram uns meses muito bons, porque para além de ter conseguido praticamente todos os objectivos a que me tinha proposto fiquei com a sensação de alento de ver bem os bonecos tão bem recebidos.Sendo um pequeno negócio, que apenas depende de mim, vou fazer o possível para continuar a dar notícias e preparar um regresso com muita energia e ideias novas em 2019. Obrigada pelo apoio e pela paciência, vocês são os maiores!

The speed of time


Having a baby changed a lot of things including the speed of life.
Looking at her every day changing little face I can measure the passing of time with precision, and it’s scary how fast it runs.
By making fabric things with love and attention to detail, I’m trying my hand at slow living and mindfulness, hoping Time will slow down for us.

the name mauvais marie

logo_300x300One of the games we often play at home – while having breakfast, or giving the baby a bath, or while watching the crazy news on tv- consistes in roughly translating traditicional portuguese  expressions in to other languages, to some very funny results.

Each family has her crazy habits right?

So Mauvais Marie comes from this sort of braingame and translates the portuguese expression Mau Maria! that is a form of scolding when someone does something naughty.

From the begginning of my sewing adventure, trying my hand at handmade softies seemed like a naughty thing, and the name stucked.


the beginning

As most things, this all started because of a girl.

This handmade adventure started two years ago, when I was pregnant of my first daughter. It was an hormone infused soul searching period where I tried a bit of everything that I loved doing, from drawing nature, to watercolors, to children’s illustration, and finally to sewing some toys and room decoration for the baby to come.

I had never sewn a button before, but soon found out how hard it could be! After a lot of punched fingers and failed experiments, I started to have some control of the result of my creations, and a lot of fun.

My mother lend me her old sewing machine and I found out I really enjoyed imagining something, plan it, and choose the right materials and colors and see the final result in my hands.

2018-01-11 11.40.16

After doing what I still consider some lovely soft toys for my baby, I started to make animal characters and searching for stories to tell. I landed on La Fontaine Fables, that have a lot a room for interpretation and humor, and the first collection of mauvaismarie was born.




Handmade with CE mark


When I started to consider to sell my handmade oddities I found out that if you make toys or children’s products to sell, you are required to ensure conform to safety requirements and carry a CE Mark.

The CE mark says that the toy meets the minimum standards set out in the Toy Safety Directive and the european standard EN 71 – Safety of Toys, that ensures the essential safety requirements in terms of  Chemical, Physical and Flammability properties.

So when I am designing the characters and crafting each one I make sure all my creations are up to the intense play and loving they could have, and conform to the safety requirements needed for the CE mark.

A lot of work and paper but definitly worth it, so I can proudly say that:

All the toys of the Mauvais Marie collection are carefully handmade and suitable to be loved by children and adults alike.

I have to thank and recommend the help of blogs and sites like the Handcrafted business , the Plushaddict,   Conformance company and CEmarkinghandmade toys that explain things in laiman therms and made all this task seem less daunting.